The secret life of your property title

Don't let title issues become a stumbling block for your real estate transaction wheter you are the buyer, the seller, an attorney, the bank or the lender it is important to have a team that is ready to help all parties involved. We have been involved for many years in this industry and can help your peace of mind to make due diligence and excellent processes are followed.  Below are some of the things that everyone should be aware of when making sure a title is clear to be legally purchased.

Mechanic's liens are a common during home improvements. A general contractor or anyone providing services to improve a property can file a lein before starting work. It is done to protect their rights with the homeowner and ensures that they will be paid for work rendered. The problems start typically when the lein is forgotten and the filer does not remove the lein from the properties title.  Depending on state laws whcih vary the procedure for resolving these can be different. These issues can be resolved but can become time consuming and delay the final sale of the property.

This is only one example of the types of issues that title companies work through when verifing that the title is clear for purchase. And many times we can resolves these in a timely manner to allow the sale to move forward. We help to make sure things go smoothly and typically the seller is never even aware of defects to the title that might have existed. Through teamwork, excellent customer service and great processes, Heritage Title Company enjoys the role we play in helping people with their real estate needs.